Priority & right of way on waves

Respectful Surfing for all

priorityWhen paddling for a wave always check for another surfer already on the wave. If there is another surfer already riding the wave it is his wave and you should not drop in on him A surfer riding a wave has priority over a surfer paddling out.

It is the responsibility of the surfer paddling out to avoid the collision, either paddle towards the white water or dive under the wave to avoid the approaching surfer.

When 2 surfers catch the same wave the surfer closest to the pocket or breaking part of the wave ,who is in the more critical part of the wave, has priority and the other surfer should pull off the wave.

If two surfers catch the same wave the surfer up and riding first, all other things being equal, has priority. When riding a wave do not put other people, such as those paddling out, in danger.